T (65)

I came to Charlotte at a very emotional time in my life with a strong desire to unravel the highly charged thoughts and feelings I have struggled with for decades and an even stronger determination to change my responses. We agreed a 1:1, 8 week therapy combining mindfulness with ACT would be a suitable approach. The combination of Charlotte’s gentle, kind and reassuring guidance during face to face sessions and the practice of daily meditations have helped me to see the benefits of adopting a mindful and considered approach to life.
Mindfulness and ACT strategies have enabled me to stand back and review the painful triggers I’ve woven into my life. The most important skill I’m acquiring is choosing to accept things at face value and to consider the facts rather than imposing my own, often negative, interpretations.

I would strongly recommend Charlotte’s approach, it has been an illuminating and very positive experience. I accept that I will need to fully embrace the art of mindfulness for the rest of my life in order to continue to reap the rewards of the past 8 weeks.

Thank you Charlotte.

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