Paul (29)

“I came to Charlotte on the back drop of some anxiety and problems with low mood. These tended to fluctuate from an almost constant dull hum of worry in my gut – one that I had learned to deal with on a day-to-day basis, all the way up to moments of significant despair; unable to sleep or eat. I struggled to focus on anything which was affecting my relationships and my work.

Charlotte and I began to talk about scenarios which I felt had triggered these intense responses. Charlotte’s insights proved to be very important and almost changed my thought processes immediately. I began to feel better. It was like a weight had been lifted and I began to implement the techniques that Charlotte had taught me into my everyday life. Charlotte provided me with the tools and guidance to challenge my thought processes and to change my behaviours.

I have learned how to understand and challenge my anxieties. I have learned how to cope and I feel refreshed since attending our sessions.

Thank you Charlotte.”

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