Mike (23)

“Charlotte has been a huge help to me and I would highly recommend her. I was recommended to Charlotte 3 months ago to help with my career related anxiety which I developed as I left university. Charlotte was super supportive throughout the the entire process. She was very professional  and spent a lot of time getting to know me and my situation.

After working through the root cause of my anxiety, I began to understand where it came from and where my heart truly lied with regards to choosing a career path. Charlotte was a huge help in that process and I am proud to say I have now made the leap of faith I needed to and feel a million percent better.

 I have come away from our sessions with a lot more confidence and self belief, with a range of resources to manage life’s stresses and a much deeper understand of my heart’s despisers and the conviction to follow them.

Thanks again for all you help and support, Charlotte, it has been invaluable”.

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