Maria (24)

I was lucky to meet Charlotte at a time when panic attacks, intense anxiety and depression were severely impacting all aspects of my life. I have been battling these mental health issues for as long as I can remember, but just after my first session with Charlotte I already had a sense of certainty that she was the positive influence and support I needed to overcome them. And I was right- Charlotte’s patience, kindness and understanding, as well as her extensive expertise and flexible approach to therapy, have proved to be invaluable in my journey to becoming a more balanced and confident person. I have learnt not only to challenge my irrational anxious self, but to also become more accepting of the difficult feelings and thoughts which often arise, as well as practice awareness of my emotions in the present moment through mindfulness and meditation.

Thank you Charlotte for being there for me in my most challenging times and always reminding me to be kind to myself, you are truly inspiring!

C (47)

Working with Charlotte has transformed my approach to so many difficult areas of my life.

She is caring, insightful and has an expert way of enabling you to find your inner wisdom.

I was suffering from low confidence, fear and anxiety after years of menopausal and post-cancer issues.

Charlotte made gentle but effective suggestions. Most importantly, for me, she made it feel natural and possible to challenge negative thoughts whilst acknowledging and accepting my feelings.

I highly recommend working with Charlotte.

M (40)

When I first went to see Charlotte, I had a combination of problems and was finding life very difficult. My problems included a constant feeling of anxiety, episodes of panic, terrible insomnia and depressive feelings. On meeting Charlotte, I was immediately comfortable, finding her kind, caring, patient and knowledgable. Many months later and with a combination of both CBT and ACT, I have a renewed sense of self and a different perspective on things I previously perceived as problems. I now feel able to get on with life, knowing that Charlotte is there if I need her! Thank you, Charlotte.

Mike (23)

“Charlotte has been a huge help to me and I would highly recommend her. I was recommended to Charlotte 3 months ago to help with my career related anxiety which I developed as I left university. Charlotte was super supportive throughout the the entire process. She was very professional  and spent a lot of time getting to know me and my situation.

After working through the root cause of my anxiety, I began to understand where it came from and where my heart truly lied with regards to choosing a career path. Charlotte was a huge help in that process and I am proud to say I have now made the leap of faith I needed to and feel a million percent better.

 I have come away from our sessions with a lot more confidence and self belief, with a range of resources to manage life’s stresses and a much deeper understand of my heart’s despisers and the conviction to follow them.

Thanks again for all you help and support, Charlotte, it has been invaluable”.

T (65)

I came to Charlotte at a very emotional time in my life with a strong desire to unravel the highly charged thoughts and feelings I have struggled with for decades and an even stronger determination to change my responses. We agreed a 1:1, 8 week therapy combining mindfulness with ACT would be a suitable approach. The combination of Charlotte’s gentle, kind and reassuring guidance during face to face sessions and the practice of daily meditations have helped me to see the benefits of adopting a mindful and considered approach to life.
Mindfulness and ACT strategies have enabled me to stand back and review the painful triggers I’ve woven into my life. The most important skill I’m acquiring is choosing to accept things at face value and to consider the facts rather than imposing my own, often negative, interpretations.

I would strongly recommend Charlotte’s approach, it has been an illuminating and very positive experience. I accept that I will need to fully embrace the art of mindfulness for the rest of my life in order to continue to reap the rewards of the past 8 weeks.

Thank you Charlotte.


I contacted Charlotte because my anxiety had been negatively affecting my enjoyment of life and ability to cope with day-to-day stresses. I wanted some tools to help manage it and Charlotte recommended mindfulness. I am really glad I gave it a go. One of the things I appreciated was that Charlotte was clear up front that practicing mindfulness would not solve all my problems or even stop my anxiety from bubbling up. It would however, equip me with tools and techniques to cope when my anxiety did bubble up. It would help me be kinder to myself and it would help me to see that thoughts are just thoughts and to notice when they have run away with themselves. I have found this to be true. I now put time aside to practice mindfulness most days and it has definitely helped me to feel calmer more of the time and to move through my anxious moments with greater self-compassion and clarity.

Charlotte is incredibly warm and caring whilst not afraid to question and challenge. I really respected this and valued being able to talk with openness and without judgement. Thank you Charlotte!

Paul (29)

“I came to Charlotte on the back drop of some anxiety and problems with low mood. These tended to fluctuate from an almost constant dull hum of worry in my gut – one that I had learned to deal with on a day-to-day basis, all the way up to moments of significant despair; unable to sleep or eat. I struggled to focus on anything which was affecting my relationships and my work.

Charlotte and I began to talk about scenarios which I felt had triggered these intense responses. Charlotte’s insights proved to be very important and almost changed my thought processes immediately. I began to feel better. It was like a weight had been lifted and I began to implement the techniques that Charlotte had taught me into my everyday life. Charlotte provided me with the tools and guidance to challenge my thought processes and to change my behaviours.

I have learned how to understand and challenge my anxieties. I have learned how to cope and I feel refreshed since attending our sessions.

Thank you Charlotte.”

Desiree (30)

After I participated in a mindfulness course of Charlotte’s in the Netherlands, I came to take the next step and subscribed to an individual training ACT. We were able to overcome the geographical distance between us by using video meetings to see each other. I can legitimately conclude that for me this course was a real success. Charlotte is an involved therapist who guides you towards an attitude of real acceptance and commitment. This ACT course is really a great way for you to discover your own values for you to be able to move forward.

EL (29)

I found my sessions with Charlotte, focusing on mindfulness, really helpful. Charlotte was kind and friendly in her approach and really took the time to understand the nuances of the difficulties that I was encountering. I always left the sessions feeling that I had been understood and that progress had been made. Through regular therapy sessions and meditation using the resources provided by Charlotte, I have noticed a change in the way that I recognise and process my thoughts and emotions. I feel confident that this has created a strong foundation that I can continue to build upon and would highly recommend Charlotte’s services to anyone contemplating therapy.

WM (32)

I am very pleased I made the leap and worked with Charlotte to help me manage my stress levels.
She equipped me with skills and tools that I didn’t even realise I needed. These newly acquired skills have allowed me to juggle a high-intensity work environment alongside my responsibilities at home, in a much healthier and productive manner.