About ME

Hi, I’m Charlotte.

I’m Dutch and I’ve lived in Sheffield from 2017 until 2020. Last Summer I’ve decided to move back to the Netherlands.

I have been working in the psychological health-care field for over fifteen years in different settings. I’ve had my own private practice CdK since 2011.

In my work as a Counselling Psychologist my aim is to give clients the tools they need to help themselves in the future. This doesn’t mean that all their problems will be solved, but it does change the way in which they perceive these problems and deal with them. For example if you perceive a decision as something difficult and anxiety provoking you will probably avoid taking decisions! But that means you’ll miss out on a lot of positive things and it may undermine your self+esteem.


I’ve already helped many people with many different issues, varying from all kinds of coping problems, depressive moods, anxieties and dissatisfaction with choices made in life in general -to dealing with difficult events like a divorce or suffering from a disease like cancer. It’s hard to tell something about your own style of working but I think I am honest, kind and non-judging. Please check the testimonials to read what clients write about me (of course I only ask clients who are very happy with our work together to write something down 🙂 ).

In the UK I was registered as MBACP but after the move to the Netherlands I had to unsubscribe. In the Netherlands I am registered Cognitive Behalvioural Therapist VGCT and PSYCHOLOOG NIP.