Help, I can’t stop worrying!

It’s quite natural that you are worrying in these surreal times. Don’t judge yourself for your tendency to overthink everything that is happening to us right now. This is difficult! Am I going to stay safe? Are my parents going to stay healthy? What if I lose my job?

Of course we don’t know about the future. There is no way we can predict how the world will look in a couple of weeks, months, even years. There’s no control here.

Focus on what you can control: take care of yourself and your loved ones in the here and now, be kind to yourself and others. Do what matters to you. Follow the guidelines.

And if the worry kicks in again: reconnect to the present. Don’t judge yourself. Ask yourself: how can I help myself in these difficult times? Whether it’s calling a friend,  taking a bath, making yourself a tea or start that new jigsaw.




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